Sunday, May 14, 2006

A few things are actually starting to happen now on our land.

My old "Angel of Death" sculpture stands guard day and night, discouraging unwanted visitors. A few of the times I've been out there working, I've actually done a double-take - wondering who that creepy guy was over there.....

The second picture actually shows some pretty monumental developments. Those boxes sticking up out of the mesa are power! Electrical power on the land!!! We're planning on moving out there pretty soon, to stay in the borrowed Airstream trailer, and that power is going to make it oh so much nicer! And the arranged white rocks, which came up out of the ditch that was dug to run the power line, represent our first real landscaping. If you go left at the fork in the road you go to my 3 acres and our future shop, and if you go right you head to Christina's 3 acres and our future home.



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