Monday, March 27, 2006

The same container pictured near the beginning of the blog, now almost full. All the big machinery is in this one.... very heavy.

In the last few days I have
  • moved almost completely out of the apartment Christ and I were living in
  • held two open houses trying to find a tenant for the apartment
  • gotten my truck painted (I think it looks great, see it here)
  • moved thousands more pounds of stuff into the containers
  • fixed the broken forklift (thank god)
  • sold and delivered my hot tub
  • purchased an awesome off-road capable forklift (will post pictures soon)
I get closer every day, but it seems endless.


Blogger Helga said...

Hi Christina and Christian,
I am checking out your blogg files and pics. the injury gallery,poor kids, feel sorry for you and your fingers, all the trucks and metal stuff, how can one have sooo much metal, (it should be platinum) is it for your new metal shop in Taos? Well, keep us posted, its fun to read and see!
With love and big hugs, bigger than your trucks, from MOM

11:43 AM  

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