Tuesday, March 14, 2006

This is what I could see from my rear-view mirror. Not much. And a lot less at night.

So....... After driving two hours to escape LA and another hour and a half or so at more reasonable speeds, we finally stopped at around 9 PM to rest and re-fuel in Barstow. While I waited for my chance at the diesel pump I walked around the rig to check the load. A frayed strap was the first clue.... suddenly I realized that my MIG welder was gone.


I never heard (and certainly never saw) a thing. Considering that the only direction the welder could have gone off was to the right (the passenger side) and that I was driving almost exclusively in the slow lane, I believe the chances that it caused anybody else any problems are thankfully slim. But Jesus, what a drag all around.

We pushed on and slept in lovely Needles, CA.


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