Friday, March 31, 2006

Well, the 40 mile drive back to LA with the new forklift was pretty damn sketchy. This was mostly due to my wimpy trailer, which in addition to having crappy tires also has no brakes. So I managed to find an incredible deal on a much beefier trailer with good tires and four-wheel brakes. The guy who I bought it from was named Tim, and was really pretty hilarious. That's him unloading some big asphalt tar tank off the trailer, and my good friend John Besse in the foreground. And that's a stupidly large boat made of concrete (!) in the background.... Somehow I can't imagene that thing ever really making it back to the water.

But the coolest thing that happened that day was that Tim gave me, for free, the awesome 500 cc two-stroke Husqvarna in the bottom picture! OK, it does have a blown tranny, but that's nothing. What an awsesome project that will be! According to him, this particular bike has a storied racing history and was originally built specifically for some motocross superstar in the early eighties. But the best part is that it was made in Sweden, just like my sweetheart!


Blogger Helga said...

Hello you two hardworking metalfreaks, yes this is a sexy little yellow forklift, looks really nice!
This is a HELGĂ„GGSTRA message, or
eastereggstra message!
How R U and where R U staying?
lets hear via yahoojohoo!
Hugs, bigger than the trucks!
from SwedenMOM

12:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is Mr. Lamb Chop, great motorbike, love looking at all your stuff, the "El Rancho" link is great, things are great here, I bought one of those fancy downtown apartments in the city (LA), that has been fun.I only got through half of your blog, I will finish the rest tonight, all the best to you and Christina

10:28 AM  

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