Thursday, April 27, 2006

OK, yes, right. It's been forever since I blogged last. Certainly forever in blog time, anyway. Sorry.

A lot has happened since then. And, in a way, not much has happened. Basically, I've travelled a lot and I've moved a lot of shit to Taos.

While the containers were being trucked to Taos, I took a train to Albuquerque. I did this instead of driving because I didn't want my truck to break down on the way and leave me stranded and unable to supervise the off-load. Unfortunately Christina was in southern New Mexico working on a movie, so I'd have to get up to Taos and handle things by myself. But.... when I walked out of the train station... guess who was waiting for me? That was an amazing surprise.

So Christina and I went up to Taos and handled the off-load the next day. This went a hell of a lot smoother than the on-load. I have to say it was pretty damn cool to see the containers sitting on my land. And actually it's pretty damn cool just to say "my land." I say it a lot.


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