Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Work on the house continues apace. We're trying to get the space enclosed before the winter really sets in. That way we'll be able to do interior work, like framing, plumbing, and electric inside a warm space even when it's skin-cracking cold outside. This pic from inside the house shows the hybrid construction.

Christina the Superstar wielding her NailGun!! Having a roof feels like a big deal. It sure beats not having one.

Christina had the excellent idea of cutting the parapet profile into a modified gear pattern. Not an easy job, but pretty damn cool.

At 6:45 AM this morning, there was an awful ruckus under the bed. That usually means that one of the cats has brought in a half-dead mouse, but this was much more violent. Turns out that one of the cats managed to bring in an extremely alive rabbit! He was surprisingly easy to catch, and he was in good shape. I took him far from the cabin and let him go, and he ran like hell right back across the front of the cabin! I guess rabbits aren't know for their intellects....


Blogger Helga said...

Hi Christina and Christian,
the parapet profile looks great and the interior will be "great" too, loads of space and light!
Good luck,
Love from SwedenMom

7:41 AM  

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