Monday, August 28, 2006

As usual, a lot has happened since last post.

It's been a tiring week, and today was a particularly dense day. Today, with a lot of help from friends, we poured the concrete foundation of the house!

The first pic shows the pre-slab plumbing, which got the thumbs-up from the inspector. Hey, does that mean I'm a plumber now?

The second pic is, I think, one of the nicer stitched panoramas I've put on here. These pics were taken from the top of the forklift, about 30 feet up. This shows the spread of the land and the foundation about two days before the concrete pour. The orange tubing in the foundation is radiant-floor heating (hot water goes through these tubes buried in the concrete and heats the house). I think this pic is worth clicking on for a better view.

In the third pic, Christina shows off her trowel!

And lastly, Christ and Christ posing happily in front of the new slab. That was snapped only hours ago.

Tomorrow, off to Burning Man!


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