Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Yes, yes, I know, it's been FOREVER since I updated this thing. There have been people who have claimed that I update this thing too infrequently for it to be really called a blog, and although I have vehemently disagreed in the past, this time they may be right.

But hey, I have a really good excuse! There has been SO MUCH happening that I really haven't had time!

Let's see, shortly after my last entry Christina and I went to San Francisco for our art opening, which was tons of fun. We showed our art together for the first time, hung out with good friends, met the amazing V. Vale of REsearch Books, went to the beach, and had great food. I didn't really end up with any great pix from the event, but there's a pretty good little movie here.

When we returned, we immediately got to work building "the mineshack". There is an informal arrangement here in Taos whereby, although it's not technically legal, you can usually get away with building something that is 100 square feet or less without a permit. So, in order to stop staying at Christina's shop, we decided to build a little 8-foot by 12-foot cabin - just big enough for a bed and desk and a bunch of shelves. We've been working on that for about two weeks now, and we just finished it today! In fact, I'm writing this blog entry from inside the mineshack right now (Yes, we have high-speed internet in the mineshack!) I will post a picture in the next day or two.

All the while that we've been building our little home, we've also been having a well drilled on our land. The picture above shows our well-driller, Wes, standing next to his rig about ten minutes after he hit water, which was about three days ago. He reached the aquifer at approximately 640 feet, which was quite a bit shallower than predicted. If you look closely, you can see my containers in the background. Pretty soon we'll have water plumbed all over our land!

Sunday, July 2nd, was my birthday, and so we had a party. I ran some robots, which was the first time I've run them since moving here. Christina masterminded the party, which was fantastic, and included the delicious cake which I seem to be quite angry at in the lower picture!

In all my spare (!) time, I've also been obsessively rebuilding the Husqvarna dirt bike that I got for free in LA a few months ago. Stay tuned for pix of that.

But most of all, stay tuned for pix of this awesome little house. What a great feeling to build a house that you can live in! I think I'll crawl into bed now.


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