Wednesday, May 31, 2006

It had to come some time.....

The last trip.

I contemplated the idea of doing several more trips in my own truck to get all the robots and the art car and the metal and and and.....

And that idea sucked. When I realized that the cost of having a trucking company get it all in one load was comparable to the cost of just three trips in my own truck, the decision was easy. And as a bonus, this way there's much less of my time taken and much less wear and tear on my Dodge.

So a few days ago, Christina and I drove to LA to supervise this last load. (Finally the robots are coming!)

A traffic jam outside Ludlow, California diverted us through some really desolate areas, including the deserted towns of Essex and Amboy and the vast salt fields pictured above. It really was a lot more interesting than the interstate.

Stay tuned for pix of the most interesting truck load yet!


Blogger Helga said...

Its good to see you alive and well,
I enjoy your stitched-pictures!Hugs,
H. in Hbg

11:46 AM  

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