Saturday, July 15, 2006

Today was a big day of work and play. A few days ago we had a backhoe come out and dig the trenches for the footers of the foundation, so today Christina and our friend Cedar spent most of the day working on the forms for the upcoming concrete slab pour. (Cedar is the upside-down guy in the top pic.) I spent the day studying plumbing code and preparing the application for the plumbing permit. Who knew there was so much to know about plumbing! A fair amount of it goes in before the concrete pour, so we need to get the permit ASAP.

After a day of work, Christina and Cedar relaxed on her old Ford pickup, known as "Standard Issue." The light and the sky were really beautiful when I snapped this pic.

Just before that picture was taken, I went dirt-biking with our friend Thomas, which was tons of fun!! Then Thomas and his wife Siri came over to our new homestead and we all drank Caipirinhas (the national drink of Brazil) and played Ping Pong and pool (on the newly set-up pool table) until it just got too dark.

You just don't get such a good combination of work and play all that often!


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