Sunday, November 05, 2006

November 2nd of this year (and every year!) was Day of the Dead! This is the day specified in Mexican culture when the living honor and celebrate the dead. For several years now Taos has been the site of a Day of the Dead parade, originated and still organized by Christina and a few others. Christina, on stilts and in Victorian-era dead-person's garb, and me, in my newly completed steel and leather skull mask, accompanied a full marching band and 60 or 70 other celebrants and marched through the tiny town of Taos to celebrate our fallen fellows.

The container, which will be our winter kitchen and protected storage, now has a window and a door. Even though the kitchen will be protected from the elements, it's still damn cold in there.

It's amazing how fast stuff gets built when you actually have a paid crew working for you. The quonset is now fully erected, and the end-walls are mostly framed. Within a day or two, the crew will be gone, and the rest of the exterior wall framing and roofing responsibilities will fall on Christina and me. It will be fun, but probably a little slow.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

chris, The new digs look bitchin,,wish you were still at the brewery.

10:42 AM  

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