Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Yes, yes.... long time no blog. So what else is new!
Winter keeps slogging along here in the "desert".I've come to a conclusion about winter. Personally, it doesn't bother me. I like the snow, I like winter clothing, and I sort of like the cold. BUT, the havoc that it wreaks on equipment and systems is a big fat pain in the ass! In the picture above, I've set up a heater and "shed" to try to un-freeze our water spigot. It didn't work, and now we have no water. Two months ago, the cold caused our refrigerator to crap out. Our propane stove has crapped out, too. And the hydraulic fluid in the forklift and the robots gets so viscous that they don't run right. By next year, when we are in the house, hopefully winter won't be so difficult. But for now, we huddle together in the Kaczynski Shack (our current home's new name!).

Forklifts have so many uses, I can't understand why everyone doesn't have one or two!?!? Here we've converted the forklift into our mobile scaffolding for working on the outside of the house. Christina is putting up tarpaper. After that comes chicken-wire, then plaster, then paint, then the outside of the house is done!!! I'm ready to move in already, dammit.

Plumbing. I've done all the plumbing. It's more work than you might think. But yesterday we actually passed the plumbing inspection! Maybe I'll just give up on this whole robot thing and just become a plumber. I suppose it would justify my constant plumber's butt. But maybe that's not a good enough reason to become a plumber. Hmmm... I may have to reconsider.....

This, my friends, is a drawing that I worked up not too long ago of my future shop. Only today, however, do I feel justified in posting this drawing, because today....... I paid a deposit on it!!!

YAY, I'm gonna build a shop!!!!