Saturday, March 31, 2007

The guy who we hired to spray the urethane insulating foam onto the outside of the quonset was the single most frustrating person we had to deal with on this house. After the third or fourth time he didn't come on the day he said he would, Christina was just about ready to strangle him. Anyway, he did eventually come and finish the job. The overspray got everywhere... the uncovered parts of the forklift now sparkle in the sun with little micro-drops of urethane!

The house is finally holding heat the way it should.

(In this pic you can also see the burly new front tires on the forklift!)

Not long after the foam was done, we got the plaster team back to do the final coat on the exterior. We added quite a bit of Charcoal dye to the plaster, so the exterior is pretty dark. It's already been referred to as the Goth House.... Hmm...... I think Gear Box is better. With the exception of the front door, the exterior of the house is now totally done.

(Oh boy, look at those tires!)

The interior is getting closer and closer, too. In both of these pics you can see that the interior plaster is now done. More than anything else so far, this step really unified the interior into one finished visual space.

The floor of the loft above is also now done, thanks to Christina's hours of back-breaking sanding and sealing.

The room below the loft, where I'm standing, will be my room.... or perhaps more accurately, the repository for my tons of stuff!

Two views of the kitchen. The kitchen has no walls, it's just one part of the main room. The countertops will be poured concrete. In these two pictures they have been framed and the concrete formwork has been done. The piano-shaped counter has a square-shaped inset, which is where the stove will go. This counter will also serve as the dining table. Christina apparently just can't wait to start cooking!

Next up, bathroom!

The building permit and the loan money for the shop are now both in hand! Ground-breaking on the shop within weeks!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chris, I'm really digging the kitchen counter, your friend at the brewery.

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